Sunday Trip
The town hall
I love to explore my hometown with friends and family in my leissure time.

Altdorf near Nuremberg - Oldtown, Devils Church, Trip

The varied Altdorf. A place I call home for many years and yet there is still so much to explore.

The city of calm and adventures. Altdorf, a city with a history that goes back to 800 AD, is about 30km in the south-east of Nuremberg and can easily reached by car or by train. It offers the perfect destination for history and nature lovers!

Altdorf is surrounded by many small towns, hills and the canal. As you can see, there are plenty of things to see and to experience. Just the right spot, to spend the Sunday with good friends or the family. The city and its surrounding offer countless activities for young and for old. The only question left is, whether you are more interested in the history and architecture of Altdorf or if you would like to explore the area on a long walk.

However you decide, you have to do a short stop in the old city center. Here is where you find everything which the heart desired. Besides the traditional German cuisine, you will get delicious Greek and Asian food as well as very good Italian dishes. The variety suits every taste! Besides good food the old town attracts with a wonderful view and a historic flair, due to the traditional timer frame.

After enjoying a delicious meal, I prefer doing a walk through the city and the green areas of Altdorf. If you are up for a longer walk, you should definitely explore the surrounding. Beside the beautiful nature, there are many attractions so visit: such as the Teufelskirche (devils church) at the Gruensberg or the Ludwig-Danube-Main-Canal, which runs through the town Rasch.

As much as I like walking around, my absolutely favorite part of the day is watching the sunset while enjoying the view of the meadow, the hills or the canal. I love to feel the last warm strays of the sun while relaxing and completing the day. At that time I forget everything, the hustle and bustle from the week and just live for the moment.

However, “the cherry on the cake” as it is called, is when you have arrived back in the city and get somewhere a delicious scoop of ice cream or a small dessert as a reward at a café and let the day end.

That is how I like to spend my days off with friends and family.


Meadow around Altdorf
Cows at the countryside of Altdorf
The "Altdorfer Weier"
The Devils Church
Fields near Altdorf
The Devils Church in Gruensberg
The Devils Church in Gruensberg
The Devils Church in Gruensberg

Further information

Altdorf near Nuremberg is just 30 kilometres in the south of Nuremberg. It offers a lot to explore for anyone who is interested in history! 

A perfect spot for the whole family!

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