Italian Bamberg
View of the river Regnitz
Our management assistant Sabine will guide you through her home town Bamberg

Italian flair in the city, like Rome built on 7 hills, little Venice- you could almost think you´ve landed in Italy- and yet we are right in Franconia.

Sabine's hometon is less then one hour´s drive from Nuremberg and really offers a variety of things to do.

Enjoy a relaxing day in her favourite city, a combination of sightseeing, culinary delights and relaxation in the nature.


In addition to the many sights, many small and large river veins of the Regnitz and the Ludwig-Main Canals run through the all over the city of Bamberg, which make the world heritage city so tranquil.

We start our tour in the city center at the Forkman, or "Gablmoo" as the locals call it. The fork actually represents a trident held by the roman sea god Neptune.


We continue towards the old town hall, probaly the most famous landmark of the city. It was built on a bridge in the middle of the Regnitz and has been brave the floods since the 14th Century.


Take a detour to the left along the canal and continue to the "Hexenmahnmal" and the Geyerswörth castle. Small bridges offer a new view of the old town hall, the newly built world heritage centre and small gondolas.

By the way: you can also take a gondola ride!


Via the Geyerswörth bridge, the path leads us through the winding alleys of the old town up to the Jakobs hill to the cathedral and the old Farming, which has already provided the backdrop for several films. Take your time and walk across the new residence to the rose garden: a green, flowering oasis above the roofs of the city.


From here we continue to the "Michaelsberg", an old monastery with extensive gardens and vineyards through which you return to the Regnitz, past the city archives and via the "Leinritt" back into the city.

Here is where you can have the best view of "Little Venice": the small fishermen´s cottage with tiny gardens and their own boat morrings goes back to the 17th Century and offer simply a artistic scenery.


If you want to relax in the nature and escape the hustle of the old town, the Hainpark is the perfect place to do so:

Along the old canal you can reach the grove in a few minutes - many small paths invite you to relax on a walk, for the little ones is a large playground to let off. Or take a pedal boat ride at the "Burger Spitze"

And the best: on hot days it is worth a visit to the grove bathing area, a natural bathing site on the left side of the Regnitz- cooling is guaranteed!



You should also visit one of he countless beer cellars. Try regional specialties such as "Zwetchgenbames", "Ziebelkäs´" and probably Bamberg´s most famous speciality, a cool "Rauchbier", which tastes a little like smoked ham. The only true pub where you should get it is the "Schlenkerla", the historic Smokebeer brewery!


Another highlight for me is the "Altenburg". It is perched on the highest of the city´s seven hills and offers the best view of Bamberg and the surrounding nature.

I wish you a lot of fun discovering!

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Old town hall Bamberg
The "Altenburg" with beergarden
View of the Regnitz from the Geyerswörth bridge
Old farmering Bamberg
The Sandstrasse in Bamberg
On the Ludwig-Donau-Main canal
View of little venice Bamberg
The "Altenburg" in Bamberg
Austrasse Bamberg
The "Mühlenviertel"
Over the roofs of Bamberg
The rose garden by the new residence
Rose garden in Bamberg

Further information

Duration of the walk: approx. 3 hours