love island Nuremberg
View of the love island
I like to discover something new.


I like to spend my free time with outdoor activities!

One of my "Must Do" Tips in Nuremberg is the italian market at the Fleischbruecke. A few weeks of the year the italian shop owners around Nuremberg are putting up a little market on the bridge close to the main market. It is the perfect spot to end a succsessful day with some good friends while enjoying a delicous pizza, pasta or the viarities of antipasi along with a tasteful glas of italian wine or just having a cappuccino. Starting in the afternoon, italien musicians from the area around Nuremberg are playing their songs. The atmosphere of that place is exhilarating! 

Sometimes it can get a little crowded at the market... if so I recomend a walk to the "Liebesinsel" (the love island). Standing at the bridge you can already see the little green squar. On the end of the bridge facing the main market turn left and take the stairs next to the Starbucks. On a short walk along the river Pegnitz you reach a little bridge which  leads to the flea market. Before you enter the market you take the little stairway on the left side. They lead you directly to the peninsula. The little island is the perfect place to relax and watch the hustle and bustle around going on around you.

If the your visiting Nuremberg to a different time of year where there is no italian market it is still a beautifl spot to spend the afternoon and the early evening! My play B is the little café "Di Simo" at the Karlsbrücke. It is located on the corner of one of the many bridges that lead to the flea market. I would recomend to buy a glas of wine or an Apérol Spritz and search for a place on the bridge to enjoy the afternoon sun. 

Have fun and enjoy beautiful Nuremberg!

Nuremberg Fair


love island NurembergLove Island
Italian market FleischbrueckeItalian Market
Italian market nurembergItalian Market
Café Di Simo FleischbrueckeCafé Di Simo
Café Di Simo NurembergCafé Di Simo
Bridge Fleischbruecke NurembergView at the bridge "Fleischbruecke"

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Der nächste italienische Markt ist vom 25. September bis 06. Oktober!

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