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Chocolate gingerbread Bakery Duell
Chocolate gingerbread from the bakery Duell
The best gingerbread in town.

Burgbäckerei & Lebküchnerei Family Düll

As a child, I was always so excited for Christmas to arrive. Did you feel the same way? I can still see myself waiting expectantly before Christmas in front of the door until the Christ Child finally rang the bell and I could admire the christmas tree.

The special thing about our tree were the many Christmas treats that my mom hung on the pine branches. Already in the run-up to Christmas, I got them in my advent calendar... every day a new special treat. And what is especially typical for our beautiful Nuremberg? The real Elisenlebkuchen, the gingerbread, of course! In my opinion, they can be enjoyed all year round, so you do not have to wait for Christmas at all! They are just a perfect combination with the afternoon coffee.

My special tip exclusively for you: the very best and true original gingerbread can be found in the Lebküchnerei Düll at Bergstraße 23 just below the castle. The delicacies are traditionally made after a family recipe and the spice mixture is also being made by hand. My mom always used to take me to the store in the Bergstraße... I loved it and I felt like I was in paradise! Of course, not only the gingerbread is being sold there, you can also find Christmas cookies, Dominosteine and much more. The store is open all year round, and there you will find something sweet to bring home to your loved ones for sure!



Christmas treats bakery Duell NurembergSweet christmas treats
Gingerbread NurembergGingerbread from the bakery Duell

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Beside the Bakery at the Castle, there are a few more bakeries of the family Düll around Nuremberg. 

Bergstraße 23
90403 Nuremberg

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