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Woehrder lake
I love to relax in the nature!

Taking a walk at the Woehrder Lake

To start the day full of energy or to relax after a hard but successful day, I can only recommend a walk at lake Woehrder.

The singing of the birds, the warm sunshine stroking the skin, or the buzzing of the bees are all little things that make our day special. If you love nature and appreciate such little things, then a walk around Wöhrder lake is the right choice for you.
You can enjoy a beautiful sunset there in every season.

Especially in the spring and summer, when everything is beautifully green and blooming, it is nice to watch the duck families swimming and listen to the splashing of the water at the equestrian statue of the Neptunebrunn fountain.

In autumn, when the colourful leaves of the trees slowly fall off and winter is right at the door, you can enjoy the last warm rays of sunshine at lake Wöhrder and relax.

But the winter cannot be forgotten either, showing its visitors the true winter magic. Warmly packed in the thick winter jacket, equipped with a hat, scarf and gloves, you are well prepared for the cold season and can enjoy the glittering snow idyll. In the cold winter, the lake Wöhrder is often an ice paradise. But beware: a step on the ice can be very dangerous, so I advise you to stay on solid ground.

Enjoy your time!

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Woehrder Lake Nuremberg The HorsemanStatue "The Horseman" at the Woehrder Lake
Woehrder Lake City beach NurembergCity beach
Woehrder Lake NurembergTaking a walk at the Woehrder Lake

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