Towers St. Lorenz
Tower St. Lorenz
The moving history of Nürnberg fascinates me.

St. Lawrence Chruch at the Lorenzer Platz

For me, our city is the following: colorful, diverse and lively. When I want to escape from the hurly-burly of the busy city, I find myself wandering to a special spot of the old town. This place is where the church of St. Lawrence stands, at the Lorenzer

As a child from Zirndorf, I was always excited to go "into town" with my mother. I was particularly attracted to the Lorenzkirche. For me, the church from the 13th century is a magical place, which I often visit to get some peace, relaxation and to escape the everyday life.

The church of St. Lorenz is located close to St. Sebald and the well-known Church of Our Lady at the main market, which is one of the most important churches in Nuremberg. It houses some famous artwork, such as the Annunciation by Veit Stoß. If you enter the church through the rather dark main entrance, you will be amazed by the rays of light, filling up the whole hall, entering through the majestic glass windows, leaving every visitor speechless.

However, there is more to this church than meets the eye. With the three-part pipe organ, the church of St. Lawrence owns the biggest pipe organ of the world. More than 12.000 pipes and 165 organ stops make the masses and organ concerts in this church an experience of a lifetime. Just as melodic is also the daily ringing of the bells.

You can reach the church of St. Lawrence from our hotel Victoria in just a minutes’ walk. After leaving the hotel, you turn to your left, following the Koenigstrasse and walking towards the Lorenzer Platz. The high towers of the church are already noticeable from afar.

I wish you a lot of fun on your tour and I hope that you get the opportunity to witness a mass or a concert while visiting as well.

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St. Lawrence Church Nuremberg naveThe nave of St. Lawrence Church
St. Lawrence Church Nuremberg TowersThe Towers of St. Lawrence Church
The Towers of the church

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Mo. – Sa. 9 AM – 5 PM, Su. 1 PM – 4 PM

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