Congresshall at the Dutzendteich
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The surroundings of the Dutzendteich

I came to Nuremberg from Spain to do a one-year internship and learn the language. I liked Nuremberg so much that I decided to stay. One of the things I fell in love with in Franconia is the gastronomy.

Of all the Franconian foods, my favorite is Schäufele. My circle of friends and I go to Landbierparadies whenever we can. It is an inn with a traditional atmosphere and regional specialties, where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the moment. In addition to its wide selection of typical German drinks, it has the best Schäufele in Nuremberg. The high and open spaces are perfect for large groups and families. The staff is very friendly, you feel like you are at home when you are there. In the summer they also have a great beer garden where you can enjoy the food or bring something of your own. You can also buy your favorite drinks to go in the restaurant.

My favorite pub "Das Landbierparadies" is on Sterzinger Street very close to the Documentation Center. The Documentation Center Museum is located in the north wing of the unfinished remains of the Palais des Congrès from the former Nazi Party days. Its permanent exhibition "Fascination and Terror" deals with the causes, contexts and consequences of National Socialism. Topics that have a direct connection to Nuremberg are given special attention.

The center is located in a large park, where in the summer also the folk festival is celebrated and where you can go for a walk after a good meal in the country beer paradise, enjoy a boat trip on the river, look at Nuremberg from a different perspective or sit on a blanket and chat with friends.

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Bardentreffen Music Festival


Soraya at the Dutzendteich
Bridge at the Dutzendteich
Landbierparadies Sign
Landbierparadies buildung
The Dutzendteich
Swan at the Dutzendteich
Entrance to the Volksfestplatz

Further information

Landbierparadies Opening hours: 

Daily from 5pm to 1am 

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Sterzinger Str. 4
90461 Nürnberg

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