Red Bull District Ride
Red Bull District Ride
Red Bull District Ride © Stadt Nürnberg/Christine Dierenbach

The Red Bull District Ride is the biggest sport event in Nuremberg!

A weekend for every adrenaline junkie

The Red Bull District Ride in the city centre of Nuremberg

Every second year the Red Bull District Ride takes place in Nuremberg. For a weekend the world-beating freeriding mountain bikers and their fans gather in Nuremberg to enjoy spectacular jumps in the heart of Nuremberg.

During the event the entire old town of Nuremberg will be turned into an ambitious freeriding parkour. It starts with a jump of the wall of the imperial castle, just like the knight Eppelein did it. A legend says, he jumped of the castle wall on the back of his horse to save himself from the hangman.

After the first big jump the trail leads the bikers along the church St. Sebald on their way to the main marketplace. That's where the final jump takes place. They end the parkour with a jump out of the highest window of the civil registry office. The highlight for every adrenaline junkie!

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