Rock im Park
Rock im Park
Rock im Park © Uwe Niklas, CTZ

A weekend for all the rock fans out there!

HipHop, Rap and Rock'n'Roll

The Rock festival in the heart of Nuremberg

Dancing, celebrating, and forgetting everyday life for a moment. The reason why so many festival fans from all over the world gather in Nuremberg on the Pentecost weekend.

For over 35 years, the legendary rock festival Rock im Park takes place at the Dutzenteich by Nuremberg.

It is the perfect opportunity to bring up the tent from the basement and camp together with some good friends on the lawn of the Luitpoldhain.

If you are not really into camping, that is not a problem at all! Sleep in our comfy beds, have a good breakfast and visit the festival during the day!

Our tip: Rock im Park is not the right occasion to show off your new sandals, so put on your rubber boots and get on the dance floor!

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02. June 2023, 10:00 – 04. June 2023, 23:55