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Café Wanderer Nuernberg
Café Wanderer
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Café Bar Wanderer & Bieramt at the Tiergärtnertor

My favourite place in the city is the Tiergaertnertorplatz with Café Wanderer. Here you can enjoy a wonderful drink and soak up the beautiful old town atmosphere.

And what is so special about the "Wanderer"?

It is found at an extraordinary location at Tiergärtnertorplatz opposite of the Albrecht Dürer's House with the historic ambience amid half-timbered houses!

If there are no seats left in front of the café, you can simply relax sitting on the cobblestones of the square - the atmosphere is always pleasant and attracts people of all ages, interests and cultures!

Both tourists and locals like to come here. From here you can also take the perfect path into the moat bellow and absorb the medieval flair of Nuremberg on a walk! Every year on the eve of Corpus Christi Day, the Fränkische Bierfest also starts here – making it "longest beer garden" in the world.

Discover exceptional brewing specialties, Franconian delicacies, as well as other culinary delights and enjoy a stroll through the moat below the Imperial Castle!

By the way the Café Wanderer is the perfect spot to enjoy a good cup of hot Glühwein in wintertimes. Off the busy Christkindlesmarket the Tiergärtnertor square offers a unique atmosphere for those lovely winternights!

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Tiergaertnertor NurembergAt the Tiergaertnertor
Café Wanderer NurembergCafé Wanderer
Café Wanderer Nuremberg mulled wineCafé Wanderer mulled wine booth
Café Wanderer Nuremberg christmasCafé Wanderer in wintertimes

Further information

The most famous place in summertimes to enjoy for a cold beer or a glass of wine.

In wintertimes the Café Wanderer is a great spot for a good cup of hot mulled wine!

Beim Tiergärtnertor 6
90403 Nuremberg

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