The Pegnitz Cycle Path
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Escape the hustle and bustle of the city center with a morning bike ride.

The starting point of the Regnitz Cycle Route could not be better: both the valley and canal routes begin in the middle of Nuremberg's Old Town. The first stage to Erlangen consists of cyclists passing through green meadows, through shady floodplain forest, into the city of Fürth with its well over 1,000 monuments and to the source of the Regnitz River.

When I moved to the St. Johannis district in June 2018, I took my bike with me. To get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city center, I use the morning hours to take a bike ride.

Discover my favorite route along the Pegnitz River and the towns around  Nuremberg. The route offers a variety of opportunities to explore Nuremberg's surroundings.


We start at the hotel VICTORIA. From here we head west directly to the St. Johannis district. On the way you can admire the White Tower and the Chain Bridge, as well as ride through the green Hallerwiese.


In the area of St. Johannes it is worthwhile to make a first stop. Here you can enjoy the baroque glory in Nuremberg's Hesperide Gardens. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, this was part of a green belt along the city walls, which included 360 gardens used for different purposes and formed the prerequisite for the development of a high-level garden culture at the gates of the imperial city of Nuremberg.

Right next to it there is the "Kaffeestube Hesperidengärten", which offers Franconian food as well as coffee and cake.


A few meters further, the listed cemetery St. Johannis can be viewed with its abundant rose bushes (therefore the cemetery is also called Rose Cemetery) and historical graves from more than five centuries. Because of the historical sights, St. John's Cemetery is a destination within a cemetery tour and a stop within Nuremberg's Historic Miles.


After a tour of the cemetery, our tour continues along the well-maintained bike path through the green Pegnitz meadows directly towards Fürth.

The western counterpart to the water wheel at the Satzinger Mill (near Mögeldorf) in the eastern part of the city is the water wheel at the Lederersteg between Dürer Gymnasium and Westbad. Built in 1999, the undershot water wheel serves as a visual attraction and leads to the stream of an adventure playground in the Pegnitzgrund.


On the way we make a small detour over the “Pappelsteg”. A first emergency footbridge was built at this location as early as 1926 from parts of the old “Fronmüllersteg” and was later named after the poplars that form a three-row avenue here that characterizes the cityscape.


On the outskirts of Fürth, it is worth taking a short detour across the bridge “Karlsteg” to the Florence Tower of the town hall. The Fürth City Hall is the tallest building in the city center and was built between 1840-1844. Very nice are the hall “Grüner Markt” with the “Gauklerbrunnen” fountain, the “Lochnersche” garden house, as well as the Gustavstreet with its many cafés and small pubs.


After extensive sightseeing our tour continues. Our next destination is the "Birth of the Regnitz". The confluence of the Rednitz and Pegnitz rivers to form the Regnitz is also called the river triangle or, in the vernacular, simply the "Spitz". It is a very idyllic place both in spring and summer. The Regnitz originates in Fürth from the confluence of the Pegnitz and Rednitz rivers and flows northward through Fürth, Erlangen, Möhrendorf, Baiersdorf and Hausen.


Along the Regnitz, the bike path leads to Stadeln and from here a short stretch directly along Stadeln's main street. Shortly before Eltersdorf, however, we reach the valley of the Regnitz again. From here we continue in the direction of the Main-Danube Canal through green meadows directly to the center of the baroque planned city of Erlangen.

We should definitely make a stop at the city center of Erlangen. Because here it is worthwhile to park his bike and explore the sights, which are almost all within walking distance from the Schlossplatz.


Not far from the Castle square, I love to walk and relax in the Castle garden with the Orangery and College house as well as in the botanical garden. Directly on Schlossplatz of to the entrance to the Schlossgarten is the Café Mengin. If you can get a seat on the terrace or in the winter garden, I recommend the cake or the seasonal daily specials. The "Eisliebe Erlangen, also not far from the square is perfect for a snack.


For the way back, you can take the same way again.

Arriving back at the hotel, we have covered over 40 KM, climbed about 88 meters in altitude and got to know the cities in the north of Nuremberg.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

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Cycle path
The Pappelsteg

Further information

The tour is suitable for road bikes, gravel bikes, classic touring bikes, but also city bikes.

Link for Komoot:Pegnitz Radweg

Duration of the tour without break: 2.5 h (round trip)

Kilometers: approx. 40 KM

Altitude difference: 88

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