Chain bridge at night Nuremberg
The illuminated aisle
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Kettensteg Nuernberg - unfortunately locked till autumn

Illuminated from every side, the pedestrian Chain Bridge, the Kettensteg, from year 1824 is a real highlight in Nuremberg's old town, especially in the evenings.

A walk through the old town often takes me over the Kettensteg. Crossing the oldest surviving iron chain bridge of continental Europe, the rippling waters of the Pegnitz and the gentle swinging of the bridge; I find it very soothing. By the way, the Kettensteg is also a nice location to take photos of. The best way to photograph is from the benches of the St. Lorenz district or the opposite Maxbridge. By the way, a view of the other side in the direction of Henkersteg and Weinstadel is also recommended.

Depending on the weather and your mood, it is worth to visit various bars, beer gardens and cafés around the Kettensteg. My personal tip is the coffee roasting Bergbrand in the Weißgerbergasse 38. Here you can buy freshly roasted fair trade coffee from sustainable organic farms or you can enjoy it right there in the café together with a piece of cake.

When planning your tour of the city, be sure to visit the Kettensteg. If you need a bit of rest after your walk, simply cross the bridge through the underpass of the city wall. The Hallerwiese and the Kontumazgarten with pedestrian and cycling paths along the Pegnitz border directly at it.



Maxbruecke historical chain bridge NurembergView from the historical Maxbridge
Chain bridge NurembergChain bridge at night

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The Kettensteg is the perfect scenery at any time of the year. 

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