Café Schnepperschütz Nuernberg
Café Schnepperschütz
The Café Schnepperschuetz at the Hallerwiese
I am always drawn outdoors!

Café Schnepperschuetz at the Hallerwiese

Calling it a day... I doubt there is a better place than the Café Schnepperschuetz to have a delicious after-work drink with good friends at.

I pass the Café Schnepperschuetz often...I pass it riding my bicycle to work, when the staff is preparing everything for the day. Or on weekends when I am on my morning run; the first guests of the day are already enjoying the morning sun with a cup of hot coffee while reading the newspapers, which are hanging nostalgically on the wall right next to the café. 

I personally enjoy the café after a long day at work; spending the last hours of the day with a cold drink in my hand and in the company of good friends. This truly unique place right next to the river and the relaxing atmosphere, due to the different age groups you will find here, makes it something really special for me and many other locals.

The Schnepperschuetz is an outdoor café, located at the river Pegnitz in the Hallerwiese Park. Inside the café, a small but charming bar is built right into the historical city wall. On the menu there is a vast selection of excellent wines, various popular drinks, beers from the region and homemade French sandwiches. If you are lucky, you can find yourself one of the few tables the café has set up. However, on a busy day, you can just take your drink and enjoy it on the stairs right next to the café or simply on a picnic blanket on the meadow in front of it.

Hallerwiese is one of the oldest public parks in Nuremberg. It was the first recreational area in this German metropolis in the mediaeval times. Do the sunbathers ever remind themselves of the rich history of this place, while they are relaxing on the lawn in the middle of the city?

The Crossbowmen fountain, or Schnepperschuetzenbrunnen as it is also called, is located the midst of the park. It serves as a reminder of the former hunting tradition of the Schnepperschuetzen.

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Café Schnepperschütz
Café Schnepperschütz during the night

Further information

You will find the best "Stullen" in Nuremberg at the Schnepperschuetz! 

(German bread with different toppings)

Am Hallertor 3
90403 Nuremberg

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