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ice-cream parlour Nuremberg
The ice-cream parlour at the Weissgerbergasse
Just moved to Nuremberg and still discovering the city!

The ice-cream palour "kleine Eismanufaktur" at the Weissgerbergasse

I will take you to the Weissgerbergasse. Here, at the end of my tour, you can enjoy one of the Nuremberg's most famous streets, with a delicious sundae in your hand.

Along the city wall, via the Tiergärtnertorplatz, we can reach the Weissgerbergasse in just a few minutes. The Weissgerbergasse is one of the few streets in the old town of Nuremberg that are perfectly preserved. Centrally located, the lane can be reached quickly on foot or by public transport. Half-timbered houses in Franconian style are lined up along this street. Many cafes, bars and restaurants invite you to slow down any enjoy your time after a hard day.

Enjoy a cool drink or a delicious ice cream in this great atmosphere!

My special tip for you is the ice-cream palour, "die kleine Eismanufaktur", at the Weissgerbergasse 28. Here, all the specialties are made from bio certified own production. It is worth a visit, especially on hot summer days. If you want a bit more peace, you can take your ice cream and enjoy it at places like the Mayor's Garden, the Hallerwiese park or the bank of the river Pegnitz, which are all in the immediate vicinity.



Olt town Nuremberg WeissgerbergasseWeissgerbergasse
Icecream factoryThe little icecream factory

Further information

Sadly the ice-cream palour is closed during winter time.

Opening hours "Die kleine Eismanufaktur":

Monday to Thursday:   12 am to 7 pm 

Thursday to Saturday: 12 am to 8 pm 

Sunday:                      1 pm  to 7 pm      

Weissgerbergasse 28
90403 Nuremberg

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