Apple Cinamon Cookies
I love the smell of warm cookies!

The Cookies Chunkie at Maxtor

In our beautiful old town there are many culinary delights and one or the other little something for our soul. Warm homemade cookies in all possible variations from Cookies and Cream to Red Velvet and Apple-Cinnamon Cookie are included in Cookie Chunkies

Discover my secret tip for real cookie lovers and try your way through.

Everybody who knows me personally knows that I have a little sweet tooth and especially cookies I love to eat and also bake by myself. Particularly when you can combine this wonderful, delicious snack with a walk through our beautiful old town.

You can start at the Hotel Victoria and try our artistic walk. In this way you get to know the old town and its cultural side right away. But you can also take the shorter way to Cookie Chunkie. Therefore you walk in the direction of the island “Schütt” along the river “Pegnitz” until you reach the "blauer Reiter". From there follow the “Grübelstraße” on the left until just before the “Maxtorgraben”. On the corner there is a small cafe the Cookie Chunkie 

That wonderful warm cookie smell that hits you opening the door into cookie heaven. Of warm apples, cinnamon, chocolate and vanilla, it always reminds me of how it used to smell in mom's baking heaven. Reveling in that memory, lingering for a moment and sampling here and there has always made me very happy.

After a long walk, it's okay to treat yourself. They say you should not only feed your body, but also your soul.

I know chocolate does not solve any problems but neither does an apple ;)

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Nuremberg Streetfood Market


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