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Chocolaté étagère at Cafè Chocolat
I enjoy the little things in life!

As a child, Nuremberg always reminded me of two things in particular; my cousin and chocolate. That is why I would like to present to you my favourite cafè: Cafè Chocolat.

While discovering Nuremberg, the city I recently moved to, I like to search for the smallest of alleys, to find all the corners unnoticeable at first glance. And this cafè really is worth taking a look at!

When I was a child, my cousin used to live in the city center of Nuremberg, in the Hutergasse. Nearby was a small cafè we had always visited together. Upon every visit, I treated myself to a hot chocolate; one of those thicker sorts you can eat like a pudding. Each day I tried a different taste: banana, cococnut, strawberry... It had always been such a joy to visit my cousin, because of all the amazing memories that we had made at this wonderful place.

As she relocated to another district, I decided to move to Nuremberg to study and work at the hotel Victoria. Later on, my cousin told me that the Cafè Chocolat may be closing down. This news was a little heartbreaking for me, since this place held a strong connection to our childhood. That was however, until I checked by myself and found out that the cafè was still open and was not closing down at all! The bare opening of the door was like a small reminder of all the beautiful memories from the past and I felt like a child again. It felt so thrilling to smell the chocolate and have a delicious drink once more. I could sit here for hours!

This is why I would like to recommend this place to you to relax and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. The chocolate selection itself, drenched in ideas from different countries, makes this cafè something special. Also the owner is always kind and helpful and you can really tell that she loves her job. Visiting here will definitely make your day better!

Little tip: if you are desperately looking for a gift for christmas, birthdays or parties, this cafè is the place to consider shopping at. You can find something for every age and every taste.

I hope you enjoy the trip around the city and find all the places you are looking for! 

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Coffee Shop Chocolat NurembergChocolate selection at Cafè Chocolat
Cafè Chocolat NurembergChocolate selection at Cafè Chocolat
Cafè Chocolat NurembergCafè Chocolat chocolate sorts
Coffee Shop Chocolat Nuremberg EntranceCafè Chocolat entrance
Hot chocolate at Cafè Chocolat NurembergFranzi drinking hot chocolate
Coffee Shop Chocolat Nuremberg EntranceCafè Chocolat entrance
Coffee Shop Chocolat Nuremberg EntranceCafè Chocolat entrance

Further information

They also have some chocolate for vegan people, so don´t be shy, just try.

To the website:

Josephsplatz 26
90403 Nuremberg

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