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I find my balance on the bicycle!

I find the balance to my work in the hotel on the bicycle. My biking trips take me everywhere.

In my free time I love to burn off some energy. And is there a better workout than a bike tour?! One of my favourite tours often leads me through the Pegnitzauen. The "Auen" is the meadow along the river Pegnitz that stretches throughout the entire valley of the Pegnitz. It runs from Hersbruck through the lovely town of Lauf by the Pegnitz and Nuremberg, heading to Fuerth and even further. These long trails are perfect for biking, running or recreational walking. A special part of the Pegnitzauen is behind the Hallerwiese on the other side of the old town.

There are many ways to explore the area:  

If you are looking for the most beautiful green parts of Nuremberg, I would recommend our walking tour "Blooming Nuremberg". The tour leads you through numerous gardens in the city and to the Hallerwiese. After a delicious break at the Café Schnepperschuetz, you can extend your walk to the Pegnitzauen as well. 

An alternative is to rent a bike by one of the many rental stations that VAG-Bikes has throughout city. There you can easily rent a bike and just leave it when you are done using it. It is only a few minutes ride to the meadow and from there you can start exploring further. 

A last little hint for visitors in august: visit the Brueckenfestival in the Pegnitzauen. It is perfect to have a little picnic while listening to good music and relaxing in a lovely atmosphere! 


Pegnitz river near NurembergThe Pegnitz river

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