Nuremberg Streetfood Market
Nuremberg Streetfood Market
Nuremberg Streetfood Market © Agentur Zeitvertreib

A large variety offers something delicious for everyone!

Streetfood in Nuremberg 

Strolling through the Market

Gourmets from Nuremberg and surrounding areas can experience a culinary journey through the traditional and exotic kitchens of the world at the NUREMBERG Streetfood Market. Sometimes authentic, sometimes a bit wild, but always delicious and excitingly new.

The market is located in the middle of the Hauptmarkt Nuremberg. You will find inventive compositions from the whole wide world- delicious, spicy, sweet and exotic: a colourful round-up for all tastes. There is even a Foodtruck- Area to make this event complete. With fine soundtracks of the live DJ, you can dance easily from booth to booth until the late hours of the evening. To top it all off, there are even some very talented street artists present. 

Time:                           12 a.m. - 10 p.m. 

Entry fee:                      unknown

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