Nürnberg.Pop Festival
© Nürnberg Pop Festival
© Nürnberg Pop Festival

Hiphop, jazz, classical music - the festival offers something for everyone!

From HipHop to classical music

A festival for every music-lover

The taste for music is very variable. Some prefer groovy rock and others are more into the smooth sound of a soul singer. How convenient that the Nürnberg.Pop Festival has a large variety of music genres on the programm.

At the 9th and the 10th of October, the Nürnberg.Pop Festival takes place in the city centre. On both nights there are plenty of small and bigger concerts all over the town. Some take place in churches and museums, some in little pubs and clubs. The program of the festival covers hiphop, soul, jazz, indie, folk and a lot more!

Get yourself some tickets and enjoy the atmosphere of the largest club and showcase festival. 


9th and the 10th of October 2021


09. October 2020, 18:00 – 11. October 2020, 00:00