DTM at the Norisring
DTM at the Norisring
DTM at the Norisring © Uwe Niklas, CTZ

For all the adrenaline junkies and motor sports fans!

Motor sports you can touch 

A motor race through Nuremberg

Pure action on the Streets around the city centre of Nuremberg! The DTM event brings motor sports to Nuremberg and with it many spectators from around the world!

Short but great! The Norisring has been the hightlight of the DTM races for years! Since 1984 the race takes place around the Zeppelin Field. It is its atmosphere and the scenery that makes this race so special! The Norisring is the last remaining race in Germany with a city racetrack. Visitors on the stone tribune have a view of almost the whole track. As the race traditionally takes place in midsummer, the race afterwards turns into a big party around the Grundig-Kehre and at the lake Dutzenteich!

Norisring Nuremberg


05. July 2024 – 07. July 2024

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