Franconian Ridgeway
View to Beerbach
Unique views and historical places in Franconia.

Susanna recommends her after-work tour from Nuremberg to Lauf!

Besides the beautiful old town, Nuremberg has much more to offer. For example, a beautiful surrounding countryside. On a bike tour you will not only experience the flora and fauna and gigantic views, but also visit the historical places of the metropolitan region!

I discovered road biking for myself last year. Together with our revenue manager Finn, I use the evening off for extensive bike tours.

Discover my favorite lap. Experience unique views, the history of Franconia and last but not least a delicious ice cream in the small town of Lauf an der Pegnitz!


We start at the hotel VICTORIA. From here we head to the northwest of Nuremberg, to the beautiful suburb of Kraftshof. Not far from Nuremberg, the town is especially known for its beautiful half-timbered houses. For those interested in architecture, a short stop is worthwhile.

For a short detour and the first break, I recommend the fortified church of St. George. The church was already built around 1305. Unfortunately, it was almost completely bombed and rebuilt after the Second World War. Parts of the historical monument are still preserved in the choir tower of the church.


After a visit to the church, our tour continues to Neunhof. Not far from our first stop is Neunhof Castle. Feel free to take your time and have a look around here as well. The history of the castle goes back to the 13th century. Many original parts are still preserved today. Especially the castle garden is worth a visit.


After an extensive excursion, our tour continues. Our next destination is the high trail from Kalchreuth to Beerbach. We cycle through the Sebald Reichswald forest on a well-maintained cycle path. On the left hand side we cycle past a wildlife preserve. The fallow deer usually lies in the sun with pleasure or greets its visitors at the fence of the enclosure.


The path stretches a little uphill. But I promise you, the effort is worth it. Once we reach the top of Kalchreuth, we cycle through the Franconian villages. My absolute highlight is the little village "Käswasser". Here, the elderly farmers' wives still sell home-picked cherries, fruit brandies, eggs and much more at small booths along the road!


From Käswasser, the trail continues in the direction of Tauchersreuth. Along the way, great views stretch out to the left and right of the path over the expanses of the Franconian countryside. Until late in the summer, the flora and fauna here is a real show.

Arrived in Tauchersreuth we turn sharply to the left. In front of us stretches the small village of Beerbach. Shortly after the turnoff, there is a small bench on the left that is well suited for a short breather. But the long descent ahead of us should not keep us waiting any longer. The serpentines lead us through the village directly to the small but beautiful church of St. Egidien. The church parish was founded as early as the 11th century. In a city war the first church was destroyed. The present walls were built a few years later in 1388.


The church in Beerbach is our last stop before we cycle to our actual destination. After the beautiful descent, our path now stretches uphill to the end of the town of Neunhof. After this climb you have made it and our bike carries us ever so slightly downhill to the historic town of Lauf an der Pegnitz. Arrived at the market place we lock our bikes and visit the town.

Lauf was elevated to a town by Emperor Charles IV in 1355. Even today the culture and history of the past centuries is within reach. Take your time, buy an ice cream and let the magic of the city envelop you a little. The half-timbered houses on the market square and the small side streets offer a unique backdrop.


After an extensive break, we make our way back. From Lauf there are two possibilities to return to the hotel. For all road cyclists, I recommend the well-maintained bike path along the B14, from Lauf to Nuremberg. For those of you who don't mind light gravel roads, I recommend the bike path along the Pegnitz, through the Wiesengrund.

A very last stop is the historic industrial settlement Hammer below Laufamholz. The brass hammer mill from 1492 is now more of a beautiful ruin to admire. From here, our path leads us further and further along the river into the city.


Back at the hotel, we have covered more than 53 km, climbed about 350 meters in altitude and got to know the metropolitan region a little better.

Tip: If the tour is too big for you, it is also worthwhile to cycle directly to Lauf. For this you drive through the Wiesengrund to Lauf and enjoy the colorful hustle and bustle of the little town!

I wish you a lot of fun on the tour!

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Weir churchSt. Georg
Fallow deer
Wildlife preserve
Fallow deer enclosure
Cycle path to Käswasser
Church of Beerbach
The old city hall
Lauf an der Pegnitz
Half-timbered houses
Lauf an der Pegnitz
The Laufer Castle
Lauf an der Pegnitz
Marketplace in Lauf
Lauf an der Pegnitz

Further information

Suitable for: Road bikes, touring bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes
Duration of the tour: approx. 3,5h without stop in Lauf an der Pegnitz

KM: 53,8

Altitude meters: 350


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